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A “green” home or building is one that’s constructed or renovated using materials, technologies and techniques that reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and minimizes our negative impact on the environment. Using such methods decreases electricity and energy consumption, reduces green house gases, and reduces our individual footprint on the environment.

Phoenix Window offers four “green” approaches for vintage wood windows to meet the unique needs of historic property owners. Services include rehabilitation, restoration, renovation or reproduction of existing wood sash windows, including original hardware, woodworking, glazing, and stained glass. Our specialty craftsmanship encompasses wood consolidation and epoxy repair, joint stabilization, paint stripping and refinishing, window, sash and trim reproduction, and incorporating energy efficiency with advanced weather-stripping and insulation techniques, plus single, double or triple pane re-glazing with Low E coatings and gases.

Our Approaches to Historic Wood Windows:

Rehabilitation – on-site Tune-up service, repair, and re-glazing

Renovation – energy efficiency upgrades

Restoration – off-site paint removal, epoxy consolidation, joint stabilization, and refinishing

Reproduction – custom sash, frames, and wood components, storms windows, screens and combinations

The benefits of saving and re-using vintage wood windows are many. If you’re interested in retaining the original character of your home or building, improving the operation and energy efficiency, and extending the longevity of the original windows, our services for historic wood windows are certainly less invasive than window replacement.