Storefronts are the front porches of Main Street USA. Designed to be attractive, inviting, and functional, storefronts play such an important role in defining individual businesses and even entire commercial districts that they are the focus of attention for shop-keeps, building owners, architects, preservationists, and contractors. All that attention has had one very noticeable result: storefronts have been frequently altered to fit new business identities and changing architectural fashions. Architecture, technology, and merchandising have played important roles in the every-changing face of America’s main streets.

Since the 1970’s there has been a growing interest in historic preservation and the inherent qualities of original design and materials found in older commercial districts. That being said, Phoenix Window set-out to design a wooden storefront system that incorporates modern building codes, wind load requirements, new energy standards and current installation techniques while at the same time re-introducing the historic character of traditional downtown main street storefronts. With our system, the wooden framing is manufactured in our Shop to fit the on-site rough opening sizes.  Then, the pieces are numbers, primed and dry fit to insure all the pieces go together. Next, we dis-assemble and package everything for shipping to the job site.  Glass sizes are provided for local ordering and delivery.  Once the framing is installed on site, the glass is set from the exterior, and the exterior stops are secured with anchor bolts.  Commercial-grade glazing tapes and sealants are used to seal the storefront using the same methods as today’s aluminum storefronts are assembled and sealed.

To learn more about how our Storefront systems can be incorporated in your next commercial storefront project, please contact our office directly.