“High Efficiency” Storms & Screens

Phoenix Window builds and installs our  “HIGH EFFICIENCY” storm and screen systems for your vintage windows for leading edge window efficiency.  Phoenix Window introduces traditional style wood storm window systems that retain winter warmth, block summer heat, eliminate harmful ultraviolet rays, maximize natural daylight, allow ventilation, and are superior to anything else available for historic wood windows!

Our storm window systems are achieving less than  .30 to as low as .20 whole window U-factors when installed over original single pane wood windows, far better than traditional storm windows, as well as most wooden replacement windows. By comparison, a vintage single pane wood window with a traditional wood storm is approximately .60 – .65 whole window U-factor.

Furthermore, the US Patent Office issued a patent for our specific storm and screen system with double pane glazing and lower sliding panel. Below is an excerpt from the US Fed New Service announce:

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Oct. 15 — United States Patent no. 8,555,572, issued on Oct. 15, 2013.

“Storm window assembly and methods of use” was invented by Glenn Bingham (Conifer, Colo.) and Lynn Bingham (Conifer, Colo.).

According to the abstract* released by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office: “A storm window assembly having an internal counterbalance, multiple panes, and multiple sashes is described. The storm window assembly is relatively thin, and is thus adapted to fit in a vintage wood window while preserving a traditional look from a building exterior. Embodiments of the storm window assembly typically include two insulated sashes, each insulated sash having two glass panes that bound a gas tight compartment……

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